Tuki Development

Tuki is an online store that manufactures Tuki learning towers and Tuki discovery cloths. Tuki aims to provide high-quality and safe products for children that promote learning and creativity. However, before seeking the help of Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd., the company’s website needed to generate more traffic, feedback, and sales.

Project Goal

The company needed to revamp its website and branding to improve its online presence and expand its customer base. This case study will discuss how Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. redeveloped Tuki’s website and provided ideas to improve its features through WordPress and shopping.
Tuki.ch was facing several challenges that were affecting its growth and sales. The website could have been more user-friendly, and customers found navigating the products challenging. Additionally, the website could have been faster and had better loading times, which made it frustrating for customers to browse. The website needed proper branding and advertising, resulting in low traffic and sales.


Tuki.ch approached Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. to help improve its website and sales. After a thorough analysis, Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. recommended that Tuki.ch switch to WordPress for its website development. WordPress is an open-source platform that offers numerous benefits, including a user-friendly interface, flexibility, and robust features.

WordPress also allows for easy integration of e-commerce features and third-party plugins, which was essential for Tuki.ch’s growth. Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. worked closely with Tuki.ch to redesign the website’s layout, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing. The website was also optimized for speed, ensuring fast loading times.

Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. integrated various features like a search bar, product filter, and sorting options, making it more manageable for customers to navigate the products. Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. also helped Tuki.ch integrate e-commerce features, allowing customers to purchase directly from the website.

Redevelopment Of Tuki’s Website On WordPress

Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. is a highly skilled and experienced web development company specializing in WordPress. The company provided Tuki with a comprehensive solution to revamp its website, including designing, developing, and branding. The new website was developed on WordPress, which provided flexibility and ease of use to the Tuki team.

Improvement Of Features Through WordPress And Shopping

The Tuki website was redeveloped to include various features that enhance user experience and improve sales. One significant change was to include a shopping feature on the website, which made it easy for customers to buy Tuki products online.

The shopping feature was integrated with a secure payment gateway, which made transactions safe and secure. Besides, the website was optimized for search engines, which enabled it to increase its visibility and attract more traffic.

Addition Of A Map Feature To Find the Nearest Tuki Dealer

To improve the buying experience for customers, Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. added a map feature that helped customers find the nearest Tuki dealer.

This feature was added to the website to improve the convenience of customers and make it easier for them to buy Tuki products. The map feature was also optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to use.

Become A Dealer Feature

Another significant feature added to the Tuki website was the “Become a Dealer” feature. This feature was added to encourage interested parties to become Tuki dealers and sell Tuki products in their regions. The feature was designed to make becoming a dealer easy.

Stories Page

Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. added a Stories page to the Tuki website to engage with customers and improve user experience. The Stories page included stories from Tuki customers, highlighting the benefits of Tuki products and their impact on children’s development. The Stories page was optimized for social sharing, which helped to increase brand awareness and attract more customers.

Sapphire Technologies WordPress Development Expertise

Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. is highly skilled in WordPress website development and has helped several businesses revamp their online presence. The company is dedicated to maintaining its clients’ branding and takes every step to ensure that the website is developed to perfection. Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. has a team of experienced developers who work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.

The Result

The results of Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd.’s efforts were significant. Tuki.ch’s website received positive feedback from customers who found navigating the products more manageable and making purchases. The website’s loading times improved, resulting in a better user experience. Tuki.ch’s sales increased significantly and received positive reviews and feedback. Additionally, Tuki.ch’s social media accounts experienced significant growth and engagement.

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In conclusion, Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. provided a comprehensive solution to Tuki’s website and branding needs. The new website was developed on WordPress, which provided flexibility and ease of use to the Tuki team. Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd. added various features to the website, such as shopping, map, and Become a Dealer feature, to improve user experience and increase sales. The Stories page was added to improve customer engagement and attract more customers. Sapphire Technologies PVT Ltd.’s expertise in WordPress development helped Tuki revamp its online presence and grow its customer base.